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2013-2016 Program Plan


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STEP Up Rules

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Early Release Policy


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 After School Program Evaluation 2010-11 final.pdf

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The Table

The Table

Jacoby Center


YMCA Of San Joaquin County

YMCA Of San Joaquin County


Responsibility Family Night

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Responsibility to the earth

STEP Up After School Contacts


Janet Yarbrough


933-7130 x 2618                                        

Mary Rogers

Program Coordinator

933-7130 x 2615

Eric Yasui

Program Coordinator

933-7130 x 2616

Kelly Townley

Program Technician

933-7130 x 2621

Beverly Gibbs


933.7130 ext. 2622

Fax Number 469-0345

Attendance Policy

Each student admitted into a program shall be expected to attend the full number of hours that the program is in operation every day that he/she participates. However, when necessary, a student parent/guardian may request, in writing, that the Superintendent or designeee approve the reasonable early daily release of his/her child from the after school program.  Daily attendance is required.  If your child has three (3) unexcused absences, s/he may be removed from the STEP Up After School Program and will need to reapply. Every time s/he is absent, your child does not receive the extra support s/he needs and the group misses his/her participation.  There may be a waiting list so please make sure your child attends every day.

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